The journey is not just about buying a
plane ticket 
and check a “what to see” list …

The journey is discovery, emotions,
a unique experience of life that
improves the perception of reality,
increases knowledge and broadens horizons.  

About us

IN ASIA TRAVEL is a Tour Operator specialised in private journeys to South East Asia and Central Asia tailored made to your needs, taking care of all the necessary details, giving priority to your satisfaction, the quality of the services offered and an ethical and responsible behaviour towards the local population, culture and nature

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the territories we include areas off the beaten track in order to offer you the opportunity to learn about the authenticity of the most remote regions, in contact with local populations and ethnic tribes, accompanying you on a journey of cultural enrichment.

We firmly believe in the importance of enhancing the economic investment that each of you supports in facing the journey and we are committed to ensuring that your experience is unforgettable and unforeseen, regardless of the type of tour and budget.

Thanks to direct contact without intermediaries we are able to contain the costs of the tours, and by working online we limit the management costs with the result of being able to offer you private and tailor made travel opportunities at competitive rates.

To all our travellers we offer confidential discounts on all future trips with In Asia Travel, discount that can be transferred to other family members.


IN ASIA TRAVEL is Tour Operator fully registered to the Ministry of Tourism (Reg. Nr. 50002380 – legal documentsMinistry of Tourism website) and in a position to guarantee complete protection of the travellers.

Gabriele Stoia - CEO In Asia Travel

Gabriele Stoia

Founder, owner and manager of In Asia Travel

Originally from Brescia, Italy, Gabriele Stoia has been traveling in Asia for about 20 years with passion for arts and cultures. Years ago decided to leave his Country and move permanently to South East Asia. On a long 7 months journey overland through Centra Asia arrives in Siem Reap where he currently resides.

The travel experiences and the passions for arts and history that accompany him in his in-depth studies of ancient Asian cultures and religions allow him to enter the Tourism Industry first as tour guide, and later as a Tour Operator.

As professional photographer in 2013 founds Photo Ethnography Film and produces photo-ethnographic reportages travelling extensively in remote areas of South East Asia seeking for human stories to be told. The works has been published in numerous magazines throughout the World. The experience in the field, in contact with the local population and with ethnic minorities, contributes to enriching the cultural background already fed by the deep passion for art and history.

He later founded In Asia Travel, a tour operator specialised in tailor-made travels in South East Asia and Central Asia, providing the experience gained and knowledge of the territories in order to customise and personally take care of the itineraries to the smallest details to guarantee unforgettable travel experiences.

Our team


In Asia Travel team is composed by qualified local professional staff, with many years of experience in the field.

The tour guides, available in several languages – English, Italian, German, Spanish, French – are rigorously selected based on specific criteria that includes in-depth historical knowledge, quality of the spoken language, flexibility, management of the tour, capability to intervene promptly in case of any needs during the tours, cordiality towards our travellers.

The drivers, extremely cautious, have a deep knowledge of the territory and are able to guarantee the transport service in total safety.



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