On this page we list the Terms and Conditions of the In Asia Travel services in order to provide you with all the information you need in relation to mutual obligations and responsibilities at the time of purchase, and the guarantees of our services. Our main goal is indeed to ensure the total satisfaction of our travelers, both in terms of travel experience and transparency.

Participation to the In Asia Travel tours is subject to acknowledgment and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions listed here and any other specific additional notes on the travel document, or “travel program”.

Among our less conventional journeys there are itineraries that take place in regions with services not always comparable to Western standards and where not always everything works perfectly and on time. For this reason, when choosing and confirming the tour, it is important to be aware that patience, spirit of adaptation and cooperation will be required.

All data transmitted to us are treated according to the privacy regulations and will not be transmitted to third parties, except for reasons related to the performance of travel procedures.

In any eventual circumstance, it is our commitment to make common sense prevail in favor of the interests of our travelers in order to clarify any misunderstandings as we believe it is the best way to calmly resolve any situation. However to avoid situations of uncertainty, while aware that the terms of the contract, or policy, they can be boring to read as they include an extensive list of case studies, and by nature they are written in technical language, it is our duty to invite you to read them carefully in order to take note and travel informed. For any clarification please contact us by sending an email to info@inasiatravel.com.


In this agreement, the terms “we” and “our” refer to In Asia Travel. By confirming the travel proposal and paying the deposit, the user accepts the “Terms and Conditions” indicated in this agreement. These terms may be supplemented by additional terms and conditions specific to your tour (“Additional Terms”). In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the additional terms, the “Additional Terms” will apply.


In Asia Travel” refers to GS In Asia Travel, a tour operator legally registered with the Ministry of Commerce (Reg. num. 50002380) and with the Ministry of Tourism (TA687-1528356801) of the Kingdom of Cambodia as an individual company.

Client” refers to the person (s) who is / are named and identified on the booking form as the confirmed party (s) undertaking the trip or excursion and as such bound from these terms and conditions, although not all participants in the trip have signed the booking form and although an agent may have made the booking on your behalf, in which case that agent will be bound by the same terms and conditions and will be required to inform you of these terms and conditions under its sole responsibility. All these persons named in the booking form will be responsible for fulfilling the obligations and will undertake to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein. All minors guarantee that they have concluded this contract with their legal guardians.

journey”: refers to any tour, excursion or similar booking made with In Asia Travel and as described in the booking form and / or in the attached itinerary, as the case may be.

Quotation” is the written document provided by In Asia Travel and marked as such, or “Tour program” or similar, sent by e-mail, with variable validity depending on the urgency of the confirmation of the services, and which constitutes an adequate invoice relating to services included.

Services” refers to and includes, but is not limited to, the travel and purchase of accommodation, transportation, transfers by In Asia Travel or on behalf of third party providers of various travel related services and including all ancillary services in this regard .

You or your” refers to the customer as defined.

Supplier (s)” refers to the third-party agent with whom In Asia Travel books services on behalf of the customer, including, by way of example, accommodation facilities, boats, etc.


2.1 Booking and payments : To guarantee your booking, you will need to fill out the booking form and pay a percentage of the total cost of the services to In Asia Travel as a deposit upon acceptance. The amount of the deposit and the payment deadline vary depending on the services included and the urgency necessary to block the services provided in good time, and are indicated in the travel program and / or contract.

2.2 The remaining balance must be paid to us forty-five (45) days prior to the travel date, however if the booking is made less than forty-five (45) days prior to departure, the full cost of the travel must be paid upon departure. acceptance of the proposal in order to allow us to guarantee you the services.

2.3 Esclusions : The quotation of the tour exclude: travel insurance; air fares between the points of the Tour (unless otherwise specified); international airfare and any airfare and / or other means of transport to and from the Tour (unless otherwise specified); costs associated with obtaining passports or entry visas; airport departure taxes (unless otherwise specified); excess baggage charges; tips; meals other than those indicated in the itinerary; visits and excursions not included in the itinerary; personal expenses such as laundry, telephone, internet, optional activities (which are subject to availability) and medical expenses.

2.4 Asia Travel does not charge a booking fee.

2.5 Valuta : Asia Travel accepts payments in US dollars (USD), unless otherwise agreed. Any bank charges and transaction fees incurred as a result of such payments or exchange differences will be your responsibility, regardless of the payment method you choose.

2.6 In Asia Travel reserves the right to cancel bookings in the event that the deposit and / or balance is not received within the deadlines indicated on the contract and / or travel program.

2.7 In Asia Travel reserves the right to adjust the quotation to any increases before the receipt of the confirmation deposit in the event that the supplier increases the prices, even though the quotation has already been issued. Updated prices will be sent to you as soon as possible after notification.

2.8 After your acceptance of the travel proposal, the services and the price are considered confirmed only after receiving the payment of the deposit and In Asia Travel guarantees that no supplement will be applied to what is written and agreed for the services of which In Asia Travel is responsible. Any of your requests for changes that involve additional costs including, by way of example but not limited to, locations not mentioned in the agreed itinerary, deviations or route changes, which can only be implemented if considered logistically feasible by the tour leader or tour guide and do not provide risks in terms of safety towards the participants and the staff, will be at your expense.

2.9 In the event of price increases for services that neither ourselves as tour operators nor the suppliers have any control over, you will be charged accordingly even though you have already paid in full for the booking. This can be the result of several factors including, but not limited to, increases in government taxes affecting tourism-related services.


3.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that all travel documents are in order and up to date and that immigration requirements such as visas and / or permits are satisfactorily obtained and in your possession for the trip. Also, your passport must be valid for the prescribed period, as indicated in the applicable regulations of the countries you will visit or pass through. It is advisable to contact the consulate or embassy of the country of destination, as well as the countries of passage, in order to verify the requirements and make sure that you are properly prepared. There is no refund if your travel documentation is incomplete or invalid. For any clarification please contact us by email to info@inasiatravel.com. On our website there are informations about travel documentation at the page www.inasiatravel.com/en/travel-documents/

3.2 The passport must have sufficient blank pages for the application of customs and visa stamps in accordance with the regulations of the various countries. In many cases, you will also need to have multiple consecutive blank pages in your passport (the number varies depending on the destination (s)). Many destinations also require visas to be obtained prior to travel.

3.3 If you are traveling with a minor (s) without a passport you will need their full birth certificate and if only one parent is traveling with the minor (s), you will need a letter of consent from the parent absent that the minor (s) is / are authorized to travel with you.

3.4 This is not a complete list of required travel documents and should not be construed as such.




4.1 As a tour operator we are committed to ensuring the best services for our customers. However we cannot be held responsible for any changes or cancellations to the booking of the services or the entire trip, which includes, but is not limited to, delays, losses or damages arising from any cause, natural disaster, government restrictions, political issues, including dissatisfaction with your booking, any loss, damage or delay caused by suppliers or third parties.

4.2 All vouchers, tickets and receipts issued by suppliers, tour operators and / or third parties will each be subject to their own terms and conditions and by participating in the trip you undertake to respect them as such at your own risk.

4.3 In Asia Travel, its directors, employees, agents and appointees are indemnified by you against any claim for loss or damage of any kind that may arise in connection with services provided or offered by or in connection with them.

4.4 Any claims or claims that you, your agent, executor, heirs or assigns may have for any compensation for damages or losses, or the like from In Asia Travel resulting from accidental injury or loss, are irrevocably waived and this includes any transportation during the trip. , as well as any illness, injury or death during or after the trip.

4.5 Baggage: We accept no liability for loss or damage to baggage in transit to, from or during a tour. We recommend the purchase of an additional travel insurance package.

4.6 Risk-taking and releases: If you participate in activities during the tour, certain exceptional and unpredictable risks and dangers may occur, including, but not limited to, the risk of accidents in remote locations without access to medical facilities, transportation o means of rapid evacuation and assistance; the risks of traveling in unsafe or politically unstable areas or in unsafe conditions; the dangers of civil unrest, war, extortion, kidnapping and terrorist activities; dangers and risks inherent in activities in underdeveloped countries; and the dangers of local law enforcement. We hereby expressly you assume all these risks and dangers and expressly accept to release us, our agents, employees, officers and directors, from any liability, actions, causes, causes of actions, claims and requests of any kind and nature that may arise in the aftermath of or in connection with your tour or participation in any activity in which you participate.

4.7 Activities, medical conditions and special assistance:

Some of our tours include activities such as trekking or sailing; it is your responsibility to make the necessary assessments to understand if you are suitable for the level of activity carried out on the tour. You must notify us in advance (or at a later time when you become aware of this condition) of any physical or mental illness, disability, pregnancy or any other condition that may create a health risk to yourself or others while on the tour or for which medical intervention or special accommodation may be required during the tour. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but you must notify us at the time of booking to determine what assistance we can reasonably provide. There are no alternative solutions in case of special needs for normal daily activities, such as walking. In no case do our suppliers, our staff or us have any obligation to physically intervene to lift and allow access to means of transport during the trip. In the event of particular physical impediments to which we cannot guarantee a solution to meet your particular needs, you must be accompanied by a companion who will be responsible for providing the necessary assistance independently. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of anyone we deem unsuitable due to their fitness level. We also reserve the right to withdraw you from the tour, at your expense, if your condition is such that it could create a risk for you or others, or otherwise affect the enjoyment of the trip by other passengers. Since the presence in the territory of all medicines is not guaranteed, it is strongly recommended to those who use a specific medicine for important health needs to carry with them the necessary supply of these medicines for the duration of the journey, together with the medical certificate that certify the pathology and indicate the quantity and type of medicine to be used.

4.8 Tour Leader Authority: The tour leader, such as the accompanying tour guide, adopts an authoritative position in relation to you as a customer for the peace and safety of all participants, and as such must be respected at all times during the tour. By booking the trip, you accept the itinerary agreed upon at the time of confirmation and as such it will be followed by our staff. In Asia Travel guarantees maximum flexibility and availability in case of requests for small unscheduled changes in order to guarantee the best travel experience. However, the approval of any changes is at the total discretion of the tour leader, or accompanying tour guide, and is unquestionable, and will only be implemented if logistically feasible and if they do not involve problems in terms of safety for the participants and staff.

4.9 Behavior during the tour : You are responsible for respecting the authority and directions of the accompanying tour guide and the laws in force in the countries where your travel itinerary takes place. We may exclude you from participating in all or part of the tour if, in our sole discretion, your condition or behavior makes you unsuitable to start the tour or unsuitable for continuation. Unsuitable may include, without limitation, any conduct which, regardless of its cause, is inappropriate or offensive or interferes with the performance of travel services or may constitute a risk or embarrassment. If you decide for any reason not to participate in certain parts of the tour or to use certain goods included in the tour, no refunds will be made for the unused parts of the tour or for the goods. You also agree to release us from any liability for any cost, damage, loss or liability arising from the actions or omissions of any minors traveling with you.

4.10 Limitation of Liability and Damages : In no event will we be liable for any damage, loss, claim, or any special, punitive, exemplary, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage of any kind, whether it is a contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, which arise from or are in any way connected with the tour, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.


5.1 Travel insurance : It is strongly recommended to participate in the trip with an insurance policy to cover, by way of example and not limited to, any damage to oneself or to third parties, economic damage resulting from flight delays or cancellations, theft, loss of luggage, non-use of the trip in specific situations; any extraordinary situations that may occur during the trip; etc.. It should be noted that we, In Asia Travel, have an agreement with the World Nomads insurance company, able to provide a special policy for individual travelers and individual trips, upon subscription through the form on the page www.inasiatravel.com/en/travel-insurance/. Alternatively, you are asked to verify, within your insurance policies, the operation of the same in relation to the specifics of the trip you are about to undertake. Any questions about what travel insurance does or does not include should be addressed directly to the travel insurance company. If you refuse insurance coverage, you will personally take full responsibility for any financial loss associated with your travel arrangements, and you could lose your travel investment and / or have to pay more money to correct the situation.

5.2 All cancellations must be written and sent by email to info@inasiatravel.com. The date of receipt of the e-mail by In Asia Travel will be valid to consider the cancellation valid.

5.3 Cancellation of bookings is subject to the following refund conditions except for special conditions agreed with the traveler and expressed on the travel program

  • 5.3.1 25% penalty for cancellations received up to the 46th day before the tour date
  • 5.3.2 50% penalty for cancellations received from 45 to 31 days before the tour date
  • 5.3.3 75% penalty for cancellations received from 30 to 16 days before the tour date
  • 5.3.4 100% penalty for cancellations received 15 days or less prior to the tour date

In any case of reimbursement you will be charged for all non-refundable costs such as flights, hotels already prepaid and non-refundable, bank charges, bank costs incurred by us for all incoming and outgoing bank transfers starting from the request, agency costs, the refund fees

5.4 We will endeavor to confirm your booking as soon as possible after recieving the deposit payment, however, if we are unable to secure this booking for any reason, we will endeavor to obtain alternative booking arrangements. If these alternative arrangements are not deemed satisfactory by you, In Asia Travel will refund the payment, under the conditions set out in the preceding number.

5.5 You will not be entitled to refunds for a no-show or a partially used reservation.

5.6 In the unlikely event that an incorrect declaration is issued by In Asia Travel, we reserve the right to cancel any booking related to such declaration without any liability and any payments already made will be refunded to you. Likewise, In Asia Travel cannot be held responsible for any errors on our website, brochures or other advertising and marketing material and reserves the right to correct it once such an error has been brought to our attention. The only consequence will be the cancellation of reservations and the refund of any payment already made, without any liability arising on behalf of In Asia Travel.

5.7 Cancellation or replacement by us : We will make commercially reasonable efforts to keep the itinerary as agreed; however, the final itinerary may vary depending on availability and factors beyond our control. At our sole discretion we may substitute services such as hotels or goods of similar quality for any service or goods stated in the itinerary. If an In Asia Travel guide cancels the service or is suddenly indisposed, we will make every effort to find a replacement. In any case you will not be reimbursed in whole or in part of the expenses for the goal that cannot be reached; if an alternative destination is agreed, with additional costs, this will be borne by the participants.

5.8 We reserve the right to cancel any tour due to our concerns regarding the safety, health or well-being of our travelers or staff. If we cancel a tour, our liability is limited to the full refund of payments to us and we will not be liable for any other costs, damages or refunds of any kind for any loss, delay, inconvenience, disappointment or expense of any kind in such circumstances. If an ongoing tour is to be interrupted or canceled, our liability will be strictly limited to reimbursement of the recoverable cost of any unused portion of the tour.

5.8 Travel warnings and advisories : It is the user’s responsibility to inquire about the latest travel warnings and warnings by referring to any official sources.

5.9 Major force : We accept no liability for any personal injury, property damage or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity that may occur due to any issue beyond our sole control, including but not limited to, a delay or cancellation. which causes the loss of all or part of the tour, acts of government, wars, terrorist acts, riots, disasters, extreme weather events or strikes. We do not have specific knowledge regarding suppliers’ financial conditions, unsafe conditions, health risks, weather risks or extreme climatic conditions in places where travel is possible. Take note that standards, facilities and health services abroad may be different or even inadequate for the treatment of health conditions. For information on possible dangers in foreign destinations, we recommend that you consult and contact the official travel websites of your country.


6.1 Any complaints must be addressed in writing to In Asia Travel by email to info@inasiatravel.com to the attention of the owner immediately or as soon as you have the practical possibility to send the complaint. For small inconveniences that can be resolved on site, in order to allow us to intervene quickly, please inform the tour leader or accompanying guide.

6.2 Our goal is to respond within 30 days of receiving the complaint and we will make every effort to resolve any dispute after the investigation with the relevant supplier and this will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

6.3 In the event that we purchase services or goods from third parties such as airlines, hotels and other accommodation providers, accompanying guides, bus lines, car rental companies, restaurants and entertainment providers (the “Suppliers”), Asia Travel does not assumes no responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity that may be caused by any supplier’s actions or omissions. In these cases, we act only as agents and cannot guarantee that any dispute will be satisfactorily resolved as the resolution may be beyond In Asia Travel’s control.


7.1 Southeast Asian and Centra Asian Countries have different inoculation, immunization, and medication requirements. Please note that in the countries where we operate there is currently no compulsory vaccination; however, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor to evaluate the advisability of non-compulsory vaccinations and / or precautionary activities dependent on particular existing health conditions. In this regard, it is advisable to be aware of all diseases, both real and potential, during the journey to and through South East Asia and Central Asia, and to take the necessary precautions and vaccinations at your discretion or at the discretion of your doctor.

7.2 It is also the travelert’s responsibility to ensure that he is in good health for the trip. In some cases it may be necessary to produce, upon request from us or a supplier, a medical statement from a doctor to confirm that you are in good health to make the trip.

7.3 In case of particular pathologies that do not hinder travel, according to art. above, it is advisable to consult your doctor in advance and prepare the appropriate documentation a


8.1 All the terms and conditions governing your trip and our relationship are set out in this document which you accepted upon completing the booking form. These terms and conditions will prevail in case of any contradiction in the documents, so make sure you are familiar with them as accepted by you. These terms may be supplemented by additional terms and conditions specific to your tour (“Additional Terms”). In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the supplementary terms, the Supplementary Terms will apply. Neither party will be bound by any explicit or implicit term, representation, promise or similar not recorded in this document or within the Supplementary Terms.

8.2 No variation, modification, addition or cancellation of these terms will be binding unless expressly agreed by both parties, the customer and In Asia Travel, in writing. From time to time updated and modified terms and conditions will be made necessary due to changes in policy, administration and legislative changes. Make sure you are familiar with the most recent document.

8.3 No relaxation or indulgence will constitute a waiver of these terms and conditions and both parties will remain entitled to their rights as attributed to them in terms of this, despite not insisting on them at any given time. If any of the terms and conditions found in the present case are deemed invalid or void as determined by a court, the remainder of the provisions will remain in full force and effect as if the former had not been included.

8.4 The terms and conditions of this agreement and supporting documents will be governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and will be applicable in the Kingdom of Cambodia and its courts, except for specific legal provisions in the traveler’s countries of origin.

8.5 The parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal of the Kingdom of Cambodia with respect to any action or proceeding that may be initiated, provided that In Asia Travel has the right to initiate proceedings in the Kingdom of Cambodia and its Tribunal, subject to specific provisions of law in the countries of origin of the traveler.

8.6 In the event that In Asia Travel establishes a procedure to recover the costs, the recovery costs and all associated costs will be at your expense.

8.7 If In Asia Travel is prevented from fulfilling its obligations in connection with this agreement due to causes beyond its control, In Asia Travel cannot be held responsible for continuing to perform its obligations while the causes persist and and will not hold responsible for any delay or loss or damage that may be incurred thereafter.

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