We organize customized, private and group tours in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and multi-nation tours, providing total assistance and taking care of all aspects of your trip.

Our itineraries are built with logistics and timing suitable for Italian customers. We offer maximum flexibility to adapt the trip to your needs regardless of whether it is classic, adventure, low-cost, sport, work, luxury or family travel.

We organize specific tours for family trips with children.

Best private tailor made tours in Southeast Asia and Central Asia - In Asia Travel



Expectations and needs are different for each request. From the first contact our Italian staff will assist you in a timely manner to understand your needs in detail. Subsequently you will receive a first draft of the program with details and cost evaluation. Based on your considerations, we will proceed with further modifications in order to fully satisfy your needs.

Our primary objective is to offer you not only a personalized journey that includes the unmissable historical-artistic visits but also a personal experience that will be enriched by the encounter with the culture and the local color. Thanks to our local contacts we organize unconventional tours to discover the most remote areas inhabited by ethnic minorities.

For simplicity, the web page of each destination contains only some of the possible travel itineraries, to be considered as such or to combine and customize according to your preferences, time availability and budget. On request we can include alternative activities such as trekking, motorcycle tours, jeeps, quads, kayaking, fishing, diving and snorkelling.

For photography enthusiasts of any level we organize photographic trips accompanied by professional photographers following itineraries developed specifically for visits outside the tourist circuits at appropriate times to exploit the best light.

A real work-shop on the road to learn and improve photographic technique, the study of light, composition and editing, immersed in history, art and the ancient culture of Indochina.



All tours are accompanied by professional guides speaking Italian, with years of industry experience and a legal license issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Depending on the location and availability on the tour date we provide guides in Italian mother tongue.

Alternatively you can opt for local professional guides speaking English, French, Spanish, German. The tours are followed by one or more guides depending on the logistics of the itinerary. On request it is possible to arrange the same companion for the whole tour in the same country and / or away in the case of multi-nation trips.

On request, only in some locations, it is possible to exclude the accompanying guide even if for our part we always recommend to consider the guide for the whole trip in order to maximize the travel experience and optimize the timing.

Best private tailor made tours in Southeast Asia and Central Asia - In Asia Travel
Best private tailor made tours in Southeast Asia and Central Asia - In Asia Travel
Best private tailor made tours in Southeast Asia and Central Asia - In Asia Travel


For accommodations we consider carefully selected facilities according to the criteria of hygiene, safety, comfort and efficiency, the result of periodic inspections by our staff. Thanks to our collaboration contracts, we are able to offer you lower costs than public rates.

In the absence of specific requests in the first draft of the offer we indicate our selection of accommodations in the categories from 3 to 5 stars or Boutique, depending on the availability in the locations touched by the travel route. In the most remote areas, in the absence of category hotels / resorts, the best available facilities will be considered.

For each accommodation all the references and the relative website will be indicated in order to allow you to check if you like. In case of special needs, or lack of availability during the scheduled dates for the trip, we will provide alternative solutions in the same category. On request in some seaside resorts we can arrange for the weekly rental of private villas.

We do not place any restrictions on the booking of the accommodations: if our selection does not meet your needs, we can evaluate alternative solutions or leave the booking to you, deducting the costs from the quote.


All transport and transfers provided during the trip take place with our private vehicles, cars (max 2 people), minivans (3-8 people), minivans VIP (2-6 people), minibuses 25 seats, minibuses 35 seats, bus 45 seats, depending on the number of participants.

In case of excursions in rivers, lakes or the sea, depending on the location, private or public boats are available.

On request we can organize excursions and tours by jeep, enduro motorbike, mountain bike, luxury car rental with driver and private transfers V.I.P. by helicopter.

Best private tailor made tours in Southeast Asia and Central Asia - In Asia Travel
Best private tailor made tours in Southeast Asia and Central Asia - In Asia Travel


During the trip, in order to leave a greater freedom of choice, if not specifically requested we include meals only in rural areas with less catering and we provide picnic lunches in case of total absence of restaurants.

On request we can include meals in local facilities selected by us to guarantee a high level of quality and hygiene. Depending on your preferences we can consider restaurants with local or international cuisine.

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