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A classic Uzbekistan itinerary to discover the four main historical cities on the Great Silk Road guided by our local experts in history and ancient art.

Tashkent, the ancient trading oasis, now the eclectic capital of the Uzbek Republic and the country’s major economic and cultural centre.

Explore the legendary Samarkand, one of the world’s oldest cities, dubbed a ‘crossroads of cultures’ by UNESCO. Marvel at the glittering turquoise domes of the mosques and Registan Square, among the world’s finest examples of Islamic architecture.

Discover the magic of Bukhara, for centuries an important religious centre in Asia. Almost unchanged by time, it is home to numerous mosques and madrasas that still bear witness to a splendid past.

Get an insight into the enchanting Khiva, for centuries the capital of an independent khanate and a vital stop on the Silk Road. Explore the maze of streets that form the core of the best-preserved historical centre in Central Asia.

The itinerary can be customised to suit your travel needs and can also be combined with other routes.



Length : 7D 6N
Destinations  : Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, Samarcanda



Khast Imam mosque © Gabriele StoiaKhast Imam mosque

Arrival in Tashkent and check-in at the hotel.

Visit the Khast Imam complex, the religious center of the capital located in the oldest part of the city, and the Muyi Mubarak library which houses thousands of manuscripts including the 7th century Koran of Uthman, one of the oldest copies of the holy book in the world.

Afterwards visit Amir Temur Square, in the modern part of the capital; in the centre stands the equestrian statue of the famous undefeated Turkish-Mongolian conqueror, known in the West as Tamerlane.

Not far away we find the remarkable Mustaqillik Maydonila, or Independence Square, a symbol of Uzbekistan’s exit from the Soviet Union on August 31, 1991, surrounded by monuments, fountains and impressive public buildings.

Included : Private pick up at the airport, guide, transportations and hotel


Kunya Ark fortress © Gabriele StoiaKunya Ark Fortress – Khiva

After breakfast take a short domestic flight to Urgench and transfer to Khiva, the fascinating capital of the homonymous Khanate, considered one of the best preserved ancient historical cities in all Central Asia.

Wander through the maze of narrow streets of the World Heritage-listed Itchan Qal’a city centre and let yourself be carried back in time amidst the exciting artistic contrast of mud houses alternating with the turquoise decorations of minarets and madrasas.

Walk through the walls of Kunya Ark fortress and explore the mythical citadel with its impressive architectural masterpieces including the Muhammad Amin-Khan madrasa, the largest in Central Asia, the famous Kalta-Minor minaret made of turquoise enamel with brick and majolica, and the Muhammad Rakhim-Khan II and Alla-Quli-Khan madrasas.

Explore the corridors and courtyards of Tosh Khauli palace and admire the turquoise dome of the mausoleum of the famous warrior Mahmud.

Included : Hotel, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Sitorai-Mohi-Hosa Palace © Gabriele StoiaSitorai Mohi Hosa Palace

Transfer by train to Bukhara, across the Kyzylkum Desert. Once the intellectual and cultural centre of the Islamic world, the thriving Silk Road city has hardly changed since the days of the merchant caravans.

Visit Mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshband, the founder of the Naqshbandi order of the Sufis and one of the most revered figures in the Muslim world.

Relive the glamorous lifestyle of the last Emir Said Alim Khan at Sitorai Mohi Hosa Palace, the countryside residence of the rulers of Bukhara.

Included : Hotel, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


minareto-Kalyan-Miri-Arab-madrasa-Mosque-Kalyan-Po-i-Kalyan © Gabriele StoiaPo-i-Kalyan Complex – Bukhara

We continue our visit in the historical centre of Bukhara to the Ark citadel, the massive fortress built in the 5th century for military purposes and used as the residence of the royal courts until 1920.

Discover the Po-i-Kalyan religious complex whose bright blue domes are visible from afar, overlooking the iconic square dominated by the Kalyan Minaret, and admire the wonderful mosaics of the Divan Beghi Khanqah Madrasa inside the Lyabi Khauz Complex in the city center.

Visit the Chor Bakr necropolis and the Samanid Mausoleum, an icon of early Islamic architecture and the oldest funerary building in Central Asia.

The exploration of Bukhara continues at the Chashma Ayub mausoleum, the Ulug Bek madrasa, an important Islamic school built in the 15th century, the Abdul Aziz Khan madrasa and the Magok-i Attari mosque, one of the oldest in Central Asia, predating the Mongol invasion.

Relax in an authentic Tea House for tea and coffee tasting.

Included : Hotel, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Amir Timur statue © Gabriele StoiaAmir Timur Statue at Shakhrisabz

Transfer to the Kashkadarya region to visit Shakhrisabz, birthplace of the famous conqueror Tamerlane.

Visit the remains of the architectural complex that includes the Aksaray buildings, the Dorut Tilovat memorial complex, the Shaykh Shamsaddin Kulal al-Keshi mausoleum, the Gumbazi-Seidon mausoleum, the Kok-Gumbaz mosque, and the remains of the dynastic tomb of the Timurids Dorus Saodat.

At the end we continue to Samarkand.

Included : Hotel, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Registan Samarqand © Gabriele StoiaRegistan Square – Samarkand

Samarkand, one of the oldest cities in the world, a cultural crossroads and a fundamental stop along the Silk Road.

We visit the iconic Registan Square, home to some of the world’s finest examples of Islamic architecture, dominated by the impressive Sher-Dor, Ulugbek and Tilla-Kori madrasas.

We explore the enchanting Shakhi Zinda complex adorned with an extraordinary array of blue tiles, Timur’s tomb, and admire the sparkling turquoise dome of the Bibi Khanum cathedral mosque dedicated to Timur’s favourite wife.

We continue to the ancient observatory of Ulugbek and to the Hudjum, the silk carpet factory where you can observe the production process of the famous Samarkand rugs.

Included : Hotel, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Chorsu Market - Tashkent © Gabriele StoiaChorsu Market – Tashkent

Early morning transfer by express train to Tashkent.

Free time to enjoy the rest of the day for a final stroll through the capital or to go shopping in the exotic and colourful Chorsu Bazaar market, surrounded by the scent of spices, dried fruit and delicious Uzbek bread.

Transfer to the international airport in time for your departure flight.

Included : Breakfast and private transfer to the airport

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