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  From the temples of Angkor to the remote provinces of Cambodia, experience the diverse beautiful landscapes and authentic culture. Immerse yourself in this adventure through remote areas inhabited by ethnic tribes who live in harmony with the environment and off the beaten track.

Soak up the magical atmosphere of the ancient temples of the Angkor archaeological site with our knowledgeable history experts, visit the Cambodian countryside and meet the locals to learn about their traditions and daily lifestyle.

Glide on the Mekong to the Irrawaddy Dolphins Sanctuary where you will spot a very rare river species that exist in just few places in the world. Trek in the tropical jungle and discover a hidden corner of Cambodia where a local ethnic group still practice animal sacrifices for funeral rites.

Visiting remote provinces, more than in other places, requires an appropriate ethical attitude in respect of the environment and ethnic groups.

This itinerary can be customised based on your actual travel needs and can be extended to the beach or combined to other tours.

Angkor and remote provinces adventure - map © In Asia Travel


Length : 13D 12N
Destinations  : Phnom Penh, Kratie, Sen Monorom, Banlung, Stung Treng, Sra Em, Siem Reap



Welcome meeting with our staff upon arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

Included : Private pick up at the airport, accommodation


Wat Nokor Temple © Gabriele StoiaWat Nokor Temple

We begin this long journey travelling east towards Kratie city. Along the way stop in Skuon market known for its curious food amenities, especially fried spiders. Continue through a rural landscape along rice crops and rubber tree plantations.

At Kompong Cham we visit Wat Nokor with its striking contrasting structure combining a Theravada Buddhist pagoda built within the walls of a Mahayana Buddhist temple.

We arrive in Kratie in the afternoon in time to embark on a private boat on the Mekong for a sunset sighting of the famous Irrawaddy Black Dolphins: a unique experience to spot this rare species that can only be found in 4 rivers in the world.

We reach Koh Trong Island in the middle of the Mekong for an overnight stay.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Mondulkiri Waterfall © Gabriele StoiaBou Sra waterfall, Mondulkiri

We continue our journey towards Vietnam’s border and reach Sen Monorom, the provincial capital of Mondulkiri, one of Cambodia’s most remote and least populated provinces, known for its rich vegetation and the mighty waterfalls.

In the afternoon, we visit the Bou Sra waterfall, considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country. Afterwards, stop at the Doh Kromom Hilltop Pagoda from which we can enjoy an incredible panorama of the dense surrounding forest.

We finish at the Samot Cheur, or ‘Ocean of Trees’, to end the day with a beautiful sunset.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Elephant Trekking © Gabriele StoiaElephant Trekking in Mondulkiri

We spend the day in the dense Mondulkiri forest trekking (*)(**) led by an official tribal guide from the area’s ethnic minority, learning about village traditions, anecdotes, religion and culture.

After a short hike we reach the Elephant Camp where the tribal guide will give us an insight into the life of Mondulkiri’s elephants, explaining in detail the correct behaviour to adopt to respect these magnificent animals as well as how to feed them.

In respect of the elephants and to avoid the stress of exploitation for tourism and profit, we do not support, and therefore do not provide, elephant back rides.

We stop at the Leng Truk waterfall to relax and have lunch in the beautiful natural surroundings. After lunch you can enjoy an unforgettable experience at the ‘afternoon bath’ with the elephants.

We then say goodbye to the elephants and their ‘mahut’ and conclude the trek by returning to Sen Monorom.

(*) It is possible to choose between several hikes according to their extent and level of difficulty.
(**) The path of the trek may vary according to weather conditions.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Gem mines Banlung © Gabriele StoiaGems mine – Banlung

After breakfast we move on to Banlung, capital of the remote Ratanakiri province.

Visit the Gem Mines at the Bokeo village, known for the extraction of zircons famous throughout the world for their distinctive blue colour. Along the way we stop at a rubber tree plantation to closely watch the extraction of latex.

In the afternoon we visit Yeak Laom Lake: with a perfectly circular shape and an exceptional diameter of 720 metres, the lake lies on a 4000-year-old volcanic crater and reaches a maximum depth of 50 metres.

The extremely clean water and excellent visibility offer the opportunity for a refreshing swim. The basin’s perimeter is completely accessible by following a path through the dense forest populated by many species of exotic birds.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Tribal cemetery © Gabriele StoiaAnimist cemetery – Kachok village

A unique and extraordinary experience awaits us today: a visit to Kachok village and to the tribal cemetery.

From Banlung we head north for about 1h30 following a dirt road that leads to Vernsai village where we board on a typical long tail boat and sail the Tonle San river for about 1h.

Once in the village, we carry on through the forest to the animist cemetery, where funeral rituals with animal sacrifices still take place. The tribal guide will give us a detailed explanation of the meaning of the symbols as well as of the wooden statues representing the deceased.

On the way back to the city we stop at an authentic local village to have an insight into the daily rural lifestyle.

In the afternoon we visit the beautiful Kachanh waterfall where you can take a refreshing dip.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Sopeakmith waterfall © Gabriele StoiaSopeakmith waterfall

After breakfast we visit the Banlung tribal market where you can find interesting amenities and rudimentary hunting tools.

Later we leave the remote province of Ratanakiri to move further north to Stung Treng province, near Laos border. 

Following a north diversion for 50 km on a dirt road through an uninhabited area we reach the Sopeakmith waterfall, also known as the incredible “Cataracts of the Mekong“, where the river reaches a maximum width of 12 km. It is so strong that it creates multiple waterfalls with several jumps of different heights.

In the late afternoon we reach Sra Em, in Preah Vihear province.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Prasat Thom - Koh Ker © Gabriele StoiaPrasat Thom – Koh Ker

After breakfast we travel north to the Preah Vihear temple, the wonderful Khmer temple off the beaten track and an UNESCO World Heritage since 2008.

At the base of the Dangrek Mountains we board a private pickup truck to drive up the steep slope to the top of the plateau.

The temple tour develops on an 800-metre uphill route towards the top of the hill passing through shrines, several ‘gopuras’ (monumental gates) and courtyards with different artistic styles and decorations.

We then proceed to the Koh Ker archaeological site (120 km, approx. 2h30). We visit some of the best-preserved sanctuaries including the Neang Khmaw temple situated on a small hill, the Pram temple, and the Prasat Krohom

Prasat Thom is without doubt the most impressive and iconic structure on the site, with its pyramid shape rising in seven levels to a height of 35 metres. The upper level offers a sublime view of the forest.

Return to Siem Reap and check-in at the hotel.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Preah Khan Temple © Gabriele StoiaPreah Khan Temple

We begin our journey with the Angkor archaeological site by visiting Prasad Kravan, the complex dedicated to the Hindu cult known for the impressive and unique brick sculpture of the deity Vishnu.

We then visit Pre Rup, the “temple mountain” dedicated to the God Shiva and Banteay Srei temple, also known as the “citadel of women”. It is considered the “jewel of Angkor” for the artistic refinement of the bas-reliefs carved on pink sandstone.

Visit the Buddhist Ta Som temple, small yet extremely charming, Neak Pean a representation of the mythical Himalayan Lake Anavatapta whose waters are thought to cure all illnesses, and Preah Khan temple, “The Great Sword”, built by Jayavarman VII on the battlefield for the reconquest of the kingdom invaded by the Champa Empire.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Angkor Wat, Siem ReapEast gate Angkor Wat

After breakfast we begin the journey to Angkor Wat temple, the largest religious building in the world built on an area of 2 million square meters.

Then there is Ta Prohm temple, one of the most enchanting and popular tourist sights, surrounded by huge roots of hundred-year-old banyan trees.

During the afternoon we visit the temples complex of “The Great City” Angkor Thom, where Bayon temple stands out for his distinctive feature: 216 giant stone faces which jut out from the 54 towers. 

The day ends with a visit to the Terrace of the Elephants, the Terrace of the Leper King and the Phimeanakas temple.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Villaggio galleggiante Kompong Kleang, Siem ReapKompong Kleang floating village

Today an extraordinary visit awaits us to one of the most unspoilt and off the beaten track floating village in Cambodia, giving us an insight into the local fishermen’s way of life on the Tonle Sap Lake.

We head in the morning to Dom Dek village. Time permitting, we stop at the colourful and authentic local market.

We make a detour to experience the surreal atmosphere of Kompong Kleang village: a long dirt path lined with houses built over stilts up to 10 meters high to survive the flooding of the rainy season. Uncover the daily life of the villagers. The locals here make their living fishing, as it once was.

We then sail along the canal into Tonle Sap Lake on a traditional wooden boat. Further on we reach the floating village: a community that has lived and worked on the water for centuries. In the village there are schools, shops, workshops and floating restaurants besides houses.

In the afternoon we continue to Beang Melea temple, one of the last Hindu shrines built before the introduction of the Buddhist religion.
This is one of the most fascinating visit as no major conservation or restoration work has been done. Furthermore, this site is surrounded by the jungle.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Sambor Prei Kuk © Gabriele StoiaSambor Prei Kuk

After breakfast we continue our journey towards the capital Phnom Penh. The long transfer allows us to observe the Khmer daily lifestyle and to visit some off the beaten track sites.

We stop for a short visit in Kompong Kdey at Spean Preah Toues, the largest 12th century Angkorian bridge still in use today, measuring 86 metres long and 16 metres wide, supported by 21 arches. It was once located in the heart of the kingdom on the main route to the capital city of Angkor.

Once in Kompong Thom we take a 30 km deviation to visit the pre-Angkorian site of Sambor Prei Kuk, formerly known as Isanapura, capital of the Cenla Kingdom (7th – 8th century). 
The complex is divided into three main buildings where Hindu shrines with a distinctive octagonal base can still be explored, the last evidence of the Indian influence that gradually disappeared when the Khmer architecture was introduced.

We arrive in Phnom Penh in the late afternoon and check-in at the hotel.

Included : Accommodation, breakfast, tour guide, tickets and private transportation


Throne Hall - Royal Palace © Gabriele StoiaThrone Hall – Royal Palace

Explore the charming capital city of Phnom Penh, once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’, one of the most beautiful cities built in Indochina in the 1920s that retains its colonial and traditional Khmer charm.

We visit the Royal Palace, today home of the King, where the Throne Room and the Silver Pagoda stand out.

Next up is the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (or ‘S-21 School’), which bears witness to the dramatic period during the Khmer Rouge regime.

We end this memorable trip with a visit to the colourful local market before your transfer to the international airport in time for your departure flight.

Included : Breakfast, tickets, tour guide and private transportation

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